More than anything, I love to read.

If you have a book you’d like reviewed, shoot me an email at

In the subject line please include: “Request for review”, along with your book’s title, genre, and word count.

In the body, please include: Your cover image (jpeg), book summary, bio, and links to where you’d like me to post my review.

I’m a busy lady, so my reading time is a cherished and precious commodity. If your book strikes my fancy, I’ll be happy to review, post and share on all my social media outlets.

If it is something that just won’t work for me right now, I will be honest and thank you in advance for understanding.

What I won’t do: post anything under three stars. If I feel it is really that bad or choose not to finish it, I will contact you directly instead of posting a negative review.

Because we all have room to grow, right? (points to self)

Thank you so much for visiting my site and trusting me with your work!

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