• E.J.

    Once upon a time a girl named Amy (that’s me, I’m Amy) received an email from a girl named E.J.

    And at first I was like, wtf is this spam?! But then I caught the words “book” and “read” and “review”. And so I opened it and it turns out she’s a real person who writes real books.

    We exchanged our manifestos and gave some feedback and made each other laugh and then we started talking about kids and poop and Chipotle.

    That was three years ago and we still talk every day. I think she’s the most hilarious, amazing person on the planet and she recently released the third book in her Anna Jennings series. She’s also working on a couple more that I can’t tell you about, but that I’m truly very excited about.

    And that’s literally the entire point of this here blog post. Check out my friend. Read her books. Leave reviews. Thank me later.


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