• New Release – TOUCHED

    TrinketCarrie Walters has a special gift – she can read the history of any item she touches. Though not everything she comes in contact with has led a happy life, she’s built a successful business selling the ones that have. After a painful divorce, she’s anxious to begin rebuilding her life in the small mountain town she grew up in. But a chance encounter with a pocket watch – unremarkable to anyone without Carrie’s ability – teaches her that not only can everyday items hold bad memories, they can become infused with evil and malicious intent.

    Soon, Carrie’s life becomes embroiled in vicious attacks, vandalism, even a murder. With the help of Lucas Anderson, town sheriff, and her first love, Carrie must find whoever has possession of the terrible entity within the watch, and stop them before anyone else is hurt, all while learning how to trust and love again.


2 Responsesso far.

  1. Kala Morry says:

    Yeahhhh new book. Was hoping for another in the altered series but this sounds good too!

  2. Mommers says:

    I am sure excited, Sissy!!! So very “Poud” of you!!

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