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  • When your dog actually eats your homework.

    Posted on September 21, 2017 by Amy in Stuff Stuff.

    This is my dog Chewy. Yeah, he’s cute all right but he is literally the WORST. Our son picked his name out before we ever even laid eyes on him, but oh, how painfully accurate it is. The moral of this story is don’t leave your precious flash drives inserted into your precious laptop on […]

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  • Whoops

    Posted on March 28, 2016 by Amy in Stuff Stuff.

    Has it really been a YEAR??? Gosh, I suck at this. In my defense, it has been a pretty busy year. I finished my next book entitled TOUCHED. *cough, it was a finalist in Wisconsin’s Fab Five contest, cough cough*. AND I signed with an agent. And she’s really good. Linda Camacho with Prospect Agency. […]

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